5 Books That Are Required Reading at Harvard Business School


Getting an MBA at Harvard will currently cost you two years of your life and a little over $150,000. That’s a little rich for a lot of folks.

But thankfully, while there’s no way to replicate the connections you’d get from actually attending, there are plenty of workarounds to help you learn a bunch of the wisdom that comes with a top-tier MBA at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Alumni have written up their top takeaways from the experiencefree online options are available, or you could shell out a much smaller amount for an online program that ends in a credential. Finally, thanks to the HubSpot blog there’s now one more option — just pick up the same books that Harvard MBA students are required to read.

In a useful post, writer Lauren Hintz lists some of the most fascinating books she found in Harvard MBA syllabi so you can nourish your brain with the same material as some of the nation’s brightest business students. Here’s a small sampling:


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