Who drives the digital transformation forward?

digital transformation

Hiring enough software engineers, DevOps managers, cloud computing specialists and other roles required to facilitate digital transformations remain tall tasks for CIOs. But the talent crunch isn’t limited to those with coding skills and algorithmic thinking: Enterprises are also struggling to hire staff with soft skills who can help shape the user experience around digital services.

For a digital transformation to be successful, companies need storytellers, UX designers and product managers, among other roles. These skill sets help round out the human experience required to support emerging digital services. And these roles will only become more important as organizations increasingly lean on artificial intelligence and other technologies in which humans and machines must augment each other, says Paul Daugherty, CTO and chief innovation officer at Accenture.

UX designers

Building a chatbot is impossible without UX designers. Once a business case has been established, you will need UX designers to help figure out how the product will look and feel. Many UX experience designers can code, though their main role is shaping how end users will consume the product.


Enterprises need writers, or “storytellers,” to help shape digital experiences such as chatbots, or even how employees and consumers should interact with new augmented reality services you’re building, says Todd Rovak, CEO of Capgemini Consulting North America. Home improvement retailer Lowe’s, for example, has hired writers to craft narratives around robots and other digital services.

Digital product managers

IT and trainers got the chatbot up and running. PwC partner John Karren says a digital organization needs product managers to position the bot for consumers. Digital product manager’s roles could include responsibility for storytelling, crafting product narratives, but ideally they will own the entire product from top to bottom, ensuring the UX is crisp and that the appropriate compliance boxes have been checked with legal. “You need to know how to take a digital product and apply that to the market, or even within an organization,” Karren says.

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