The 9 Traits of Highly-Effective Leaders


I’ve been fortunate to work for some amazing managers in my career (unlike the bad bosses described on the Atlassian blog earlier this month), and each one had these traits in common:

  • They offered great feedback.
  • They trusted me to make decisions.
  • They shared knowledge and information, and acted as a sounding board when I needed help.

On the whole, they were helpful and supportive and cared about my growth — not just as an employee, but as a person.

Unfortunately, my experience is uncommon. A dominant style of leadership is much more prevalent. And using this style, dominant leaders take action and implement policies that mainly benefit themselves.

Why did this style become so popular, despite significant drawbacks? Scientific American notes that because of globalization, innovation, and technology, and the rapid pace of change in jobs and skill requirements, people are looking to regain control over their lives. Dominant leadership can be appealing because it projects authority, stability, and decisiveness.


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