It sounds like Microsoft is killing the Edge browser built into Windows 10 and placing a big bet on Google’s web technology instead


Microsoft is slated to discontinue Edge, the browser that comes built into Windows 10, according to reports from The Verge and Windows Central. Edge was introduced in 2015 as the successor to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The idea, according to those reports, is that Microsoft is moving away from its own EdgeHTML rendering engine and towards Chromium, the web engine that powers Google Chrome. Chromium, first released by Google in 2008, has become the web’s predominant standard, thanks to the wild success of the Chrome browser.

The success of Chromium has become something of a headache for Microsoft, both internally and externally — The Verge reported that employees and customers alike have been frustrated that the Microsoft Edge browser doesn’t work properly with some websites and apps that were optimized for Chromium.

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