Top 8 Outsourcing Trends for 2019


The New Year is nearly here.  As we celebrate a busy and productive year in the outsourcing industry, what does the future hold?  Is 2019 a year worth celebrating in terms of expanded outsourcing growth, and, if so, in what areas? What does the future of outsourcing hold?

Several media forecasters are citing job losses in the coming year, while others are claiming that outsourcing has seen its best times, and a slow, methodical slump is very quickly on its way.

However, not everyone is forecasting doom and gloom. Some analysts are quick to point out advances in technology, which tends to guide many industries, stands to empower the best buyers and service providers, allowing them to redefine their operations and to enter new aspects of outsourcing such as data analysis and customer-centricity.

While 2019 almost upon us and the end of an interesting decade, we’re interested in examining where our corporate strategies and energies should be placed.  As new articles appear that discuss which technologies will be popular and how companies can improve performance, we are more than a little curious about where to devote our time in terms of outsourcing.  How can we get outsourcing to fit into the new wave of technological prowess?  Can we manipulate change and make it work to our advantage?


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